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2005-01-11 11:40:08

St Cyrus North Sands Pup - Update

Medics Elaine Roft & Sue Horne arrived at the beach at 8am walking the 1 1/2 miles to where the pup was left the night before. The pup [click image to enlarge] hadn't moved from its spot over a 20 hr period and was lying on its back rolling from side to side arching the flippers. Although most of its time was spent with this behaviour, he did roll on to his front occasionally.The perinium was stained with diarrhoea as was the right ear. Laurence Brain was updated from the day before saying he wanted the pup in to treat the eye and any gastro intestinal problems it may have. Volunteers Paul Horne and Jim Wilkins arrived on scene at 10am and the pup was herded into the transportation tank. SNH St Cyrus reserve Manager Andy Turner then uplifted the pup in the tank in his 4x4 to the visitor Centre to save the medics the long walk back. The seal was then taken to Ferryden and left to rest in the tank until 4pm before relay could resume to New Deer due to unavailability of Medics. After consulting with BDMLR vet James Barnett, the lid from the tank was removed and replaced with a gate with open slats to allow ventilation (kindly supplied by local men Sandy and Willie Nicoll). Ian Falconer provided his house and coffee for Elaine from 12 - 3.30pm to save her a wasted journey back home. Elaine kept the pup dampened and respiration was monitored at half hourly intervals with it remaining at a steady 12 bpm. CRRU / BDMLR vet Cameron McPherson called Elaine at regular intervals to get updates on the pups general well being. During its period of rest, "Oscar" vomited up 2 worms and a long piece of maram grass but was otherwise alert and VERY active, sleeping in between his boisterous spells. Relay to Aberdeen commenced at 3.30pm by Elaine Roft and Rebecca Chambers, and the second leg of the relay was taken over by Fraserburgh medic Jane Davies at 5pm with the pup reaching New Deer at 5.45pm. Elaine and Rebecca finally arrived home at 7pm after battling through gale force winds and power cuts.

Many thanks to Andy Turner (SNH Manager), Ian Falconer, Sandy Nicoll, Willie Nicoll (Ferryden Residents), CRRU / BDMLR vet Cameron McPherson / BDMLR vet James Barnett, Montrose team Elaine Roft, Sue Horne, Paul Horne, Jim Wilkins, Rebecca Chambers, Fraserburgh team, Kenneth McLennan, Andy Ireland, Jane Davies and Laurence Brain of Grampian Wildlife Trust.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)

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