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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2005-01-21 11:43:38

Grey pup rescued - Mersea Island, Essex

I was called to a grey pup on Wednesday (19th) on Mersea Island on arrival found a large pup still in full white coat estimated at 25k with nothing wrong. I stayed in the area for the rest of the day and saw no sign of mum and that was cause for concern. Pup was on a reserve so got wardens to keep a watch on it Thursday, still no sign of an adult. Tony Haggis and I went back this morning. Pup was still in same place it had been and seemed more lethargic. Phoned James (Barnett), Kieran (Copeland) and Faye (Archell) for their thoughts and advice, also word had spread and people were starting to come to see it. I had a word with warden and he said the reserve gets busy at weekends and with this possible disturbance and still no sign of an adult I decided to take up to Kieran (Hunstanton SeaLife Centre). This we did, pup traveled well, we weighed it on arrival 32k. Kieran said they will get it to feed and release as soon as he is happy with its progress.

Leon Woodrow
Medic (Essex)


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