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2005-01-23 11:44:38

Seal rescued from Gwithian, Cornwall

Following a call from a member of the public this morning about a grey seal pup on Gwithian beach, near Hayle, the National Seal Sanctuary contacted West Cornwall Coordinator Dave Jarvis and requested that he go to the beach to assess the pup.

Dave and Medic Lesley Jarvis immediately went to the site and quickly found the pup high up on the beach near the high tide mark, basking in the sun. No injuries could be seen, but it was obviously underweight and dehydrated, and it was also low tide, so the pup was a long way from the sea. After giving these details to Senior Animal Care Assistant Tamara Cooper, she decided to go out with regular volunteer Yvie Oxley.

Once they arrived, Tamara jumped the pup and gave it a thorough check, finding some puncture wounds on the rear flippers. The temperature was also taken, which was a bit high, and so it was decided that the pup should be brought back to the Sanctuary. Before putting the seal in the cage, it was tube fed fluids to rehydrate it. Once it was safely in the cage, the pup was taken back to the car park in relays and then transported back to the Sanctuary for rehabilitation.

This was the second seal to arrive at the Sanctuary this weekend, the first being rescued by Tamara, ACT member Marianne Fellows and myself from Porth Chapel, near Land’s End during the afternoon of the 22nd. It was underweight, had several cuts and punctures to its flippers and also had a small patch of oil on its back. There have now been almost 40 pups rescued and taken to the National Seal Sanctuary this rescue season, including a couple with pox, one with a broken shoulder and another with a severe eye problem. This has been keeping the Animal Care Team hard at work over winter, and fortunately we are coming towards the end of the rescue season, when they can all have a well-earned rest! In the meantime, the first three seals were released back into the wild recently, with more to follow.

Medic Dan Jarvis
BDMLR West Cornwall
(Newquay - Land's End - St Austell)

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