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2005-01-26 11:51:31

Injured seal rescued from Saltburn-by Sea, Yorkshire

At 17.30 BDMLR HQ received a call from Glen at Gweek Seal Sanctuary (Cornwall), a member of the public had called him to say there was a seal pup partly white coated on the beach, it looked in fairly good condition but was able to stand next to it and it was sneezing.

When Sarah Barry attended (she has been a medic since 2001 and had not until last night been called out) arrived at scene there were two seals, the original pup and an older seal with a black coat also sneezing. Whilst Graeme Richardson (area coordinator) was enroute, Sarah called James Barnett our vet for advice. Simon and Bev Drayton from Scarborough were also enroute after finishing work.

It turned out that the younger of the pups went back into the water but the young adult had lacerations and a deep wound around its neck (this may have been caused by fishing nets). Whilst BDMLR were at the scene an RSPCA inspector turned up. Simon had called Scarborough Sealife Centre who was able to take this seal in for care, so Simon, Bev and Graeme uplifted the injured seal to them.

Well done James (member of the public) who found the seals and looked after them until we arrived and to all those involved for a fantastic team effort.

Sue White

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