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2005-01-28 11:52:24

Two call-outs for Montrose team within an hour of each other

The first, was to a fully weaned Grey seal pup at Johnshaven named "Ebony". Medic Rebecca Chambers along with volunteers Sue Horne and Jim Wilkins examined the pup thoroughly. Respiration was normal, body weight and colour were good and the pup was bright active and alert. Initial concerns were that this pup had an injury to the fore flipper which proved negative when Rebecca carried out a routine health check. As the pup was in a very public place it was uplifted and relocated to a quieter area of the beach after Rebecca consulted with Montrose Area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft. Upon its release it immediately took to the water.

Thanks to Fraserburgh Assistant Co-ordinator Andy Ireland for being on standby should a relay have been required, Laurence Brain for provision of a seal pen, BDMLR Montrose Medics and Volunteers Rebecca Chambers, Sue Horne & Jim Wilkins.

The second pup was reported to Elaine Roft by local resident Pam Fraser. This pup was observed swimming in the reeds at the river estuary at Lunan Bay apparently appearing to be in distress or possibly caught up in something. Montrose Deputy Co-ordinator Bob Pert responded to the call and reported back that there was something in the water, possibly a seal pup, possibly an otter but this was hard to determine due to the fading light. With Bob having only a head lamp for light and guiding him, and an incoming tide to deal with the search was aborted for the evening. Bob will resume a patrol of the reeds at first light tomorrow.

Thanks to Pam Fraser for alerting us, and BDMLR Montrose Deputy Co-ordinator Bob Pert for responding to the call.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)

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