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2005-02-03 15:32:04

Whale freed from mooring line and buoy - Wales

RSPCA Inspector Phil Lewis (BDMLR West Wales Coordinator) has given us the great news that the whale spotted trailing line off the Welsh coast near Llandudno has been freed of most of the line.

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer, Mark Roberts, was taken out on the Llandudno lifeboat and under spotlights was able to approach the whale, possibly a Minke whale. The whale was unable to dive but was swimming quite strongly.

Mark, with assistance from the Lifeboat crew and under direction from Phil Lewis over the phone, was able to cut a large section of rope and the buoy from around the pectoral fin and tail of the animal. Only a short (1m) section was left as the whale swam away and dived once the gear had been removed.

A tremendous effort by all involved and we can only hope that the animal is able to survive this ordeal.

Tony Woodley

Info supplied by Phil Lewis and Sue White (BDMLR HQ)

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