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2005-02-06 15:33:08

Seal rescued from river - Lincolnshire

Date of Rescue: 5th February 2005
Seal Type: Common
Sex: Male
Age: 1 Year Appox
Tag Colour: Orange RSPCA East Winch
Tag Number: 61458

On the 5th February 2005, myself and five other medics who where Jamie Kyme, Dave Underwood, Graham Dunn, Simon & Sarah Clarke were successful in catching a common seal. The seal was in the River Witham, in Lincolnshire. We managed to Trap the seal in a side river next to Tattershall bridge, netted off the escape route and then deployed the large catch net. With great success we had caught the seal within one hour.

After an overnight stay in my seal pen, at home in Lincoln. It was then back to the Wash for an early morning seal release.

By 8.30am on Sunday morning the seal was back with the other seals on Seal Sands in the Wash.

Thanks to all involved.

James Brett
Lincolnshire Coordinator

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