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2005-02-25 15:40:16

Grey Pup Rescue and release for Montrose team

At approximately 18.00 hrs Medic Thom McNeil received a call from Arbroath Police saying that someone had reported a seal at the West Links near the miniature railway. On arrival Thom found a Grey pup which seemed OK (by torchlight) but was not in a good situation (in the vicinity of a nightclub and on a public footpath), he was phoneless but Medic Bob Pert stays in the vicinity so Thom travelled to his house and accompanied him down to the animal. In the car's headlights it was noted that the pup had quite an issue of blood around the mouth and Thom remarked that the pup had been coughing. The blood looked very light in colour and it was worrying to both medics that they could have a pup with a lungworm infestation. Elaine was phoned and, after some discussion, it was decided to take "Buddy" to our vet in Laurencekirk and have him check the pup over. If it was an injury causing the bleeding then it could be treated before release in a quieter area or, if it was lungworm, could be taken to rehab facilities. Medics Thom and Bob, complete with a fiesty Buddy, travelled to Ferryden and picked up Elaine.

8pm Montrose Deputy Co-ordinator Bob Pert and Thom McNeil arrived at Ferryden to Collect Area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft. Elaine, Bob and Thom then made the journey of approximately 12 miles to local vets Robson and Partners arriving at 9.20pm. A health check was carried out on our male grey pup " Buddy" by vet Ian Anderson. Respiration remained normal at 12bpm throughout the journey and dropped to 9bpm on arrival at the surgery. The lungs were not harsh, the pup had good colouring and the jaw and teeth were examined for breakages. As the wound to the chin was a minor one, 1ml of synulox was administered intramuscular. During its time at the surgery the seals temperature rose to 39.9 which was probably due to the heat in the examination room combined with Medics holding it down. The vet was satisfied having administered drugs that the pup who weighed a healthy 20.5kg was not in need of rehab which had been provisionally booked at Laurence Brains premises at New Deer. "Buddy" was then sprayed down with water to reduce heat, left in the transportation tank for 5 minutes then transported to a nearby beach for release at 10.20pm. Once at the beach "Buddy" had a few sniffs into the sea air took a last look back at the medics and made his way over some rocks before settling down. The team were satisfied that he would remain there undisturbed until the next high tide. medics will patrol this area of beach tomorrow to see if the pup has moved on overnight.

Thanks to Arbroath Police Station for notifying us / Fraserburgh team for being on standby to assist with a relay if rehabilitation was required / Laurence Brain for provisional booking of a seal pen / Medics Thom McNeil, Bob Pert and Elaine Roft and vet Ian Anderson.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)

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