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2005-03-01 15:42:41

Essex Adult Seal Rescue

At about 2pm Leon Woodrow called me to say that there was an adult Grey Seal on the beach at Jaywick in Essex. The seal was being thrown around in the surf and was groaning. I contacted Sue at BDMLR HQ and she started to mobilise medics and equipment. I arrived at approximately 3.30pm and by now the tide was going out and the seal was lying on the beach. We could get within a few feet of it before it made any attempt to move. It was a fully grown female, she was underweight and having great difficulty breathing. Every time she took a breath she was groaning with pain and was coughing up a thick white mucous. Over the next hour her condition deteriorated and we decided it would be unfair to transport her all the way to Norfolk in the pain that she was in. We were also fairly certain that she would not make the journey. After consultation with James Barnett it was decided that the kindest thing to do would be to euthanase.

I would like to thank Leon Woodrow, Andy Rutson Edwards, RSPCA Inspector Jim Farr and all of the Marine Mammal Medics who turned out to help. Also big thanks to Sue at the office for spending all afternoon contacting medics.

The body is going to Paul Jepson at the Institute of Zoology for post mortem. Thanks to Gavin Parsons for transporting the body.

Faye Archell
BDMLR Essex Coordinator

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