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2005-03-08 15:43:39

Florida Mass Stranding

Conversation with Florida MMC worker Debbie Arnold - 8th March 00.15hrs GMT

I contacted the MMC in Florida tonight to wish the staff and volunteers all the very best luck with the huge job they have on their hands. Debbie went and passed on these thoughts from BDMLR direct to the volunteers in the water tonight. The very latest news direct from Florida is : they have 21 dolphins alive at MMC, Mote also have two. Both Mote and the MMC had stillborn calves born on the 7th. Both the mothers appear to be doing 'OK'. Currently the mother of the stillborn calf and a mother and live calf (approx 2yrs) are in a separate pool together. The other animals are in a relatively shallow sea pen. On the 8th they plan to move the majority of the animals into a deeper 'canal area' which is approx 16ft deep and 30ft wide. This incident is being dealt with as a short term rehab and release. Once the 2 or 3 blood tests give the 'OK' from the NMFS they hope to release the majority of the animals together. Debbie said that at one point ealier in the stranding they had 'so many' vets in one room from many different organisations. They all left their 'egos' at the door and worked together superbly.

Tony Woodley

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