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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2005-03-11 15:47:09

Mersea Pup Release

The Grey pup Tony Haggis and I picked in January from Mersea came back today.

Kieran brought it down from Hunstanton, unfortunately he got caught up in traffic and arrived 45 minutes later than we had hoped.Tony Haggis, Andy Rutson Edwards, Claire Hooker and myself met him. We loaded the seal onto my boat and took it out to the colony, unfortunately due to the time lost the tide had covoured the saltings which made the release a little more dificult, however we managed to get the crate onto a bit where the water only just came over the top of Andys boots. We let the seal out and it seemed a bit bemused but soon got its bearings. We watched it for a short while then left it to its own devises, as we left some of the commons were going to check the new arrival out.

My thanks go to Kieran for looking after it for the last few weeks and also for bringing it back. It is a fantastic feeling to release back into the wild one of the many seals we have rescued, it makes it all worthwile.

Leon Woodrow
Essex Assistant Coordinator

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