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2005-03-08 15:48:01

Fraserburgh Medics assist 'stranded' seal pup - Scotland

On Tuesday 8th March, a call was made to Mark Stevens at BDMLR HQ by Grampian Police. Mark contacted Aberdeenshire Co-ordinator Kenneth McLennan and advised him to contact the police for further information. The police reported that a seal pup was stranded at the Westshore, Broadsea, Fraserburgh. The pup was reported as being close to the car park and although the details appeared accurate, Kenneth was some what confused as to why the pup would be stranded. A group text message detailing the incident and location was sent to all group members and Kenneth loaded his car with all necessary equipment and proceeded to the location. Following a short walk along the foreshore it became apparent why the caller had said the pup was stranded, due to circumstances unknown the pup was balancing at the edge of a very steep embankment effectively with nowhere else to go. Assisted by a member of the public Kenneth distracted the pup long enough to effect a recovery, with no visible signs of injury we relocated the pup further along the shoreline to enable easier access/release to the sea. On assessment the pup appeared slightly underweight however very active, alert and responsive (as most are) and no signs of injury or trauma was visible.

Many thanks to Local general public, Grampian Police, BDMLR HQ, Kenneth McLennan - Group Co-ordinator and all medics and volunteers that were on standby to assist.

Andrew Ireland
Marine Mammal Medic
Fraserburgh Assistant Co-ordinator

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