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2005-03-30 15:51:15

Ingemar the Hooded seal returns to Rehab... this time in the US

A Hooded seal pup which was rescued last year (13th June) in the UK has been re-rescued, this time on the coast of Maine, USA.

She is currently at the Marine Animal Lifeline rehab unit in Portland, Maine.

She is very underweight 35.6 kg and has lost about a third of her hair. The loss does look due to be some sort of stress moult. Though she is about 1 year old and should be losing her juvenile blue/back coat for her adult black and white very soon. She is dehydrated, so is being treated for this.

Oban SeaLife Centre have forwarded her medical records, drug lists, blood results etc and have also advised on her demeanor as she was a very quiet female, unusual for a hooded. They have advised on how and what she was feeding also sent a photo of when she first arrived here.

Her bloodwork returned fairly normal, just dehydration. It is very early days but so far there seems to be no reason why she cannot just be rehabbed and released to go her own way. (heaven only knows where she will go next)

Glenn Boyle from the National Seal Sanctuary was informed due to his telephone number being on the tag.

I will keep everyone up to date as the information comes through. She can be seen on the Marine Animal Lifeline website under recent arrivals. This place has a very good reputation, so I am sure she is in good hands.

We will all keep our fingers crossed for her.

Jamie Dyer
Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary

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