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2005-04-03 17:58:08

White-beaked Dolphin incident - Boggle Hole, nr Scarborough

Simon & Bev Drayton Co-ordinators for the Scarborough area received a telephone call from a member of the public, via Humber Coastguard, on Sunday afternoon regarding a dolphin that had been spotted at Boggle Hole nr Scarborough. They were told that a pod of dolphins had been spotted swimming offshore nearby and some how one had become separated from the pod. It was then seen swimming in circles and barrel rolling in the surf. Simon, Bev and some of the local medics rushed to the scene, but unfortunately, the dolphin had just died. On inspection the dolphin was identified as being a White-beaked dolphin, female, 2 metres in length and may have possibly been in calf. She was then taken to the Scarborough Sealife centre and stored until the National History Museum picked her up this morning. A post-mortem will be undertaken and we will keep you updated on their findings.

Sue White

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