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2005-04-12 17:59:29

Not an April fool

On Tuesday 12th April we had a surprise when a seal was admitted to us at RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife Centre. The surprise wasn’t that it was a [click here for larger image] seal, but a one or two day old white coat grey. Are they getting early or late??? You tell me!

It is a female (named April) with a fresh umbilical. We are told that the warden on Knightstone Island, off the coast of Weston-super-Mare (Somerset) spotted her on a tidal beach. After regular checks, there was no sign of the mother and with the oncoming tide, felt that the seal was at risk. The RSPCA inspectors and animal collection drivers transported the ball of fur to us where to date 'April' is doing well.

Although we have extensive experience rearing the usual sick and injured juvenile grey seals, we have little experience caring for such a young seal. As a result, we contacted the staff at National Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, whom provided excellent advice and essential supplies. It was unanimously agreed that until ‘April’ is stronger and in better body condition, she would stay with us at West Hatch and then sent to NSS Gweek to complete her rehabilitation.

Shawn Clements
RSPCA Wildlife Supervisor and Medic

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