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2005-04-15 18:01:26

Sad to say 'goodbye'

Dear all I thought I would let you all know that Lucie Kirk (effective immediately) and Gareth Norman (effective 30th April) have resigned from their posts, both for unrelated reasons.

Lucie has been a pivotal link in BDMLR response structure for a number of years. I asked Lucie to take on the role of co-ordinating the co-ordinators a long time ago, when I was running the BDMLR office from my home. She stepped into the breach little knowing what she was letting herself in for. I knew, however, that she was more than capable of putting up with the Directors of BDMLR (not always easy as we are mad). Lucie was at her peak during the PDV outbreak. Not only was she helping co-ordinators around the UK she was spending hours (day and night) rescuing seals and helping them fight for their lives in East Winch. Her efforts during this time were nothing short of spectacular!

Lucie has since married Duane Kirk, another medic and they now have a 6 month old son and a thriving shop in Hunstanton, because of this Lucie feels that she needs to step down. She still intends to play a role in BDMLR (I hope she will do the odd rescue). We thank Lucie for her part in making BDMLR the foremost marine mammal rescue group in the UK. As a small way of thanking her we have made Lucie an honourary life member of BDMLR (just so she cannot escape!) Thanks Lucie. You are a real sweetie!! xxx

Gareth Norman has been a dynamo in the Dundee area. He set up the Dundee seal unit and worked constantly to promote the well being of the wildlife in his area. He arranged courses for his medics and tried to keep them interested in the whole thing. I think it is fair to say nobody has tried harder than Gareth. Often driving miles to help other medics who w ere a little out of their depth etc. Gareth got so involved in wildlife rescue that he worked, for a time for the SSPCA at Middlebank. Here he gained a lot of expertise in seals and was always willing and keen to pass it on to others.

Gareth's life has gone through some major changes recently and now he feels he needs to have a life style change and a rest. Once again Gareth has been awarded a life membership and we hope that he will still play a part in the future.

Please, feel free to add your comments to the topic running on the BDMLR Forum. These two people are really what being a BDMLR medic is all about. They are a credit to themselves, BDMLR and should serve as an example to us all. Gareth you are sweetie but sorry mate, no kisses!!

Mark Stevens
Director BDMLR

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