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2005-04-18 18:03:56

Dogs attack ill pup on Scottish beach

A local Inverbervie woman called BDMLR Montrose Medic Rebecca Chambers to say that she had witnessed a seal pup in the surfline of the local beach being harassed by 2 staffordshire bull terriers and that they were barking round it and jumping at its back.

Medic Rebecca Chambers arrived on scene almost instantly.(By this time the dogs were being held at bay by the owner) who had hung around to see what was going to happen to the pup, whilst Rebecca entered the surfline. The pup was trying hard to lift its head clear from the water before all its movements stopped. Rebecca managed to retrieve the pup from the surfline and it was now in what appeared to be a comatose state.

Area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft was notified at 16.30 hrs, who in turn advised Rebecca to take the seal to local vets who had been called to arrange for euthanasia based on Rebeccas phone call. At this point obvious bleeding was seen in the mouth and head areas and as it was Rebeccas priority to get the seal examined as soon as possible and given its current state she was unable to determine if the blood was caused by the dogs attack on it.

At 5pm Sarah Dick (vet) called Elaine to submit her findings. On arrival the pups temperature did not register on the thermometer. Mucous membranes were very pale and there were bleeding lesions on the pups back significant with seal pox. The chest was very noisy and the vet was of the opinion that it may have been suffering from lungworm which could have produced the blood around the head and mouth areas. The female Grey seal pup named "meg" was euthenased intra peritoneal and as the barbiturate was administered it died within seconds, still in a comatose state prior to the point of euthanasia.

The vets professional opinion was that the seal pup had severe underlying illness and that the attack by the 2 dogs were enough to tip the balance with the resulting consequences.

BDMLR Director Alan Knight was updated, as was local SSPCA Inspector Mark Lumgair.

Thanks to Margaret Donald who contacted Rebecca, Robson & Partners vet (Sarah Dick), local SSPCA Inspector Mark Lumgair and to BDMLR Director Alan Knight.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)

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