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2005-04-21 18:06:11

Seal pup rescue - Aberdeenshire

On Thursday 21st of April, Aberdeenshire Co-ordinator Kenneth McLennan received a call regarding a stranded Grey Seal at Balmedie beach. Kenneth contacted Aberdeen Co-ordinator Nick Duthie, Aberdeenshire assistant co-ordinator Andrew Ireland, and also Volunteers Tracey and Andy, all of which agreed to turn out.

On arrival at the scene the team kitted up and headed to the beach where the member of public that reported the seal was waiting [click image for larger size] with it. Nick carried out a full examination of the pup which was determined to be a female, slightly underweight, dehydrated and very tired. The pup had been lying in the surf for the majority of the day and was first sighted at 1500. Due to the time of examination being around 2300, it was impractical to contact Lawrence at the New Deer surgery to get the seal booked in for the evening so the decision was made that the seal would be re-hydrated and left overnight with someone checking back in the morning. Nick and Andrew re-dehydrated her and she was then moved further up the beach so as she could rest up for the evening.

On Friday morning at 0600, the member of public that had reported the seal contacted Nick to advise that the seal was indeed still on the beach and had not moved from the previous night. Nick arranged to have the seal taken to New Deer and he was assisted by Medic Jane Davies.

Many thanks to the reporting member of the public, Kenneth, Nick, Andrew, Andy, Tracey and Jane for assisting with the rescue and Lawrence for taking the seal in to rehab.

Andrew Ireland
Marine Mammal Medic
Aberdeenshire Assistant Co-ordinator

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