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2005-05-18 18:10:42

2nd grey seal pup rescued in as many weeks by Cornwall BDMLR

Yesterday afternoon, the National Seal Sanctuary received a call about a pup lying on a beach at Tintagel that was being harassed by people and dogs. The Sanctuary then contacted BDMLR Medics to go to the scene and watch over the pup and see if there was anything wrong.

Once Coordinator Tim Bain and Medic Phil Jarvis arrived on the beach they approached the pup, which did not move. Getting closer, they could see that the animal had two bad injuries to its flippers - one an injury down to the bone, and the other a hole all the way through another flipper. Phil jumped the pup, and while further assessment was carried out, it was noticed that many of the front teeth were either broken or missing, obviously from some kind of impact, likely from being hit against a rock by a wave. The temperature was recorded at 38 degrees. The Sanctuary was then informed of the developments.

The animal was loaded into a cage in the back of Phil's car, and the pup was taken for rehabilitation at the Seal Sanctuary where they were met by Animal Care Team members Selina Gregory and Tamara Cooper, who gave the pup a full clinical assessment and tube fed it fluids.

Medic Dan Jarvis
BDMLR West Cornwall
(Newquay - Land's End - St Austell)

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