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2005-06-02 13:39:34

Isle of Wight - Striped dolphin stranding

At present we have Marine Mammal Medics with a Striped Dolphin on a beach on the Isle of Wight. Medics are taking it in turns to [click for satellite image of location] keep the Dolphin afloat in two feet of water to enable them the Dolphin gain its stability. Dave Evans the Isle of Wight Co-ordinator is in touch with James Barnett BDMLR Veterinary Director and also James Brett the Lincoln Co-ordinator who had a similar stranding a few years ago. James Brett and his team kept the Dolphin upright in the water for 6 hours until it regained its equilibrium.

Update : 18.30hrs

After three attempted refloats by the public, a period of assessment by BDMLR Medics and a vet who has been liasing with James Barnett over the phone, a refloat and a final stranding ... the dolphin has been euthanased. It appeared in relatively good body condition and a post mortem will be very interesting.

Sue White

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