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2005-06-14 13:48:32

Seal pup rescue - Heacham, Norfolk

On Tuesday the 14th June the Hunstanton Sea Life Centre received a call from a member of the public to say that a very small seal was on the beach at Heacham a few miles away.

Kieran Copeland assisted by Duane Kirk drove along the beach finding the pup at Heacham's South beach not far from the car park access. The pup, a new born Common was only a few hours old as the umbilicus was still present. Unfortunately mum was nowhere to be seen so the decision was made to take the animal into the Sea Life Centre.

The cheerful little chap weighed just over 12kg, had a normal temperature and generally seemed bright and was keen to try suckling the staff's welly boots.

The reasons why this pup became separated from his mother are unclear, could it be related to the fact that Hunstanton is hosting the World Water Skiing Championships this week? The heavy drone of powerboat engines is clearly audible several miles inland and the implications of the disturbance to the local marine mammal population doesn't appear to have been considered by the local council at all. BDMLR medics in the area will be watching out for further pups or cetacean strandings over the coming week. Hopefully there will be none but to me it seems a great shame that another healthy animal will be spending the first few months of its life requiring care when it should be have been free in the wild.

Lucie Kirk
British Divers Marine Life Rescue

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