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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2005-06-30 13:50:19

First Essex pup rescue of the new season

Faye Archell (Essex Coordinator) called me last evening (30th June) at 20.45 to a seal pup on Mersea Island (28 miles from home). I picked up one of the medics from last years course Neil Saban and off we went. On arrival the pup was in a kids inflatable boat in a tin shed. It was small, warm, but very aware. I aged it at about 6/7 days, we put it in the truck and headed to meet Kieran Copeland (organised by Faye) from Hunstanton (Norfolk). Damn fine chap drove towards us so we met up Thetford side of Kings Lynn (Norfolk) and which saved me an hours drive. Kieran aged it at 4/5 days and I am prepared to bow to his experience!! Any how he took it away and hopefully I will get a call to get it for release in a few months.

Leon Woodrow
Essex Assistant Coordinator

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