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2005-07-07 13:54:12

Seal pup rescue - Kinnaber, Montrose

Area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft received a call from Montrose police station at 15.00hrs to say that a member of the public had come across a seal pup on the Kinnaber stretch of Montrose beach. Volunteers Sue Horne, Paul Horne, Willie Taylor and Peter Taylor arrived on scene at 15.30hrs where the pup was immediately straddled to save the fishermen shooting it whilst they were checking the salmon nets.

Meantime Elaine along with volunteers Jackie and Ritch Watt made their way to the gararge to collect the transportation tank arriving on scene at 18.00hrs. The team then took it in turns to transport the pup now in the tank, from the beach to the roadside which was approximately 1 mile on foot. At 19.30hrs the seal was left to rest for a short period after being sprayed down with cool water following its haul out on a very hot beach.

SSPCA Senior Inspector Steven Gray offered assistance to the team to transport it to Middlebank at Inverkeithing in the SSPCA air conditioned van with arrangements made for a relay change over at Tayport. The pup was given another cooling down en route in Arbroath where Medic Bob pert was waiting.

As the teams priority was to uplift the common pup from the beach where its life was in danger, followed by a time scale for meeting Steven Gray at Tayport, we were unable to carry out a health check and confirm sex of our pup. It was noted, however, that "Vic" or "Victoria" depending on the seals sex had a cataract to the right eye with some hair loss round both eyes. She also had a red I.D tag on the left flipper - apparently carried out by The Sea Mammal Research Unit in St Andrews who have been notified of her location.

The pup was in good body condition, but due to the fact that the Montrose team would have to relocate her away from the salmon nets it was decided to have her checked over by the SSPCA rehabilitation staff and if sound she would be released off Anstruther away from salmon nets and shooters.

A full report on his / her condition along with sex will be passed on to Elaine tomorrow by SSPCA staff at Middlebank.

Many thanks to SSPCA Senior Inspector Steven Gray for his assistance with a relay, team members Sue Horne, Paul Horne, Willie Taylor, Peter Taylor, Jackie Watt and Ritch Watt and to junior observers Kayla and Tami Watt, Also to Ian Falconer for the use of his watering can!

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue - Montrose Area Co-ordinator

Bob Pert
British Divers Marine Life Rescue - Montrose Deputy Co-ordinator

Update - 15th August

Sandra Bonar of SSPCA Middlebank has confirmed today that "Victoria" - AKA "Demi" who was rescued from Kinnaber beach, Montrose, Scotland on July 7th after travelling up the coast from Natureland in Skegness has now been transported from the SSPCA premises at Inverkeithing for further rehabilitation prior to release at Deep Sea World, South Queensferry. She now weighs 29kg and although she has a long way to go is making excellent progress.

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