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2005-07-17 13:56:59

Seal Pup Rescue - Kinnaber, Scotland

Volunteers Sue and Paul Horne found a male Common Seal Pup hauled out on the beach at Kinnaber at Lunch time. Observations for presence of [click image for larger size] mum was carried out until 17.30hrs. A member of the public had witnessed the fishermen shoot a seal from the sand dunes in the same location where the pup was found so regrettably the pup had to be uplifted for 2 reasons. We can only assume that the shot seal was mum. Although the pup was fully weaned they can remain with the mother for up to 3 months, and had it remained where it was, it would have been in danger of being shot and killed too. Respiration was 27bpm which was extremely high, it had a rapid heart rate and convulsed twice for a few seconds after it had been uplifted and left to rest for an hour, and the gums were a deeper pink than normal. At 19.30hrs Area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft and Volunteer Jackie Watt monitored respiration again - with no change having taken place. The pup named "Pippin" was cooled off with water, and placed in the vari Kennel for transportation to Laurence Brain at New Deer. A relay commenced from Ferryden at 19.45hrs by Volunteers Sue and Paul Horne who made their way North to Aberdeen to meet Fraserburgh Deputy Co-ordinator Andy Ireland who was taking charge of the second leg of the journey to Laurences premises at New Deer. The pup is expected to arrive in rehabilitation at 23.00hrs. Whilst en route to New Deer Elaine called BDMLR vet James Barnett and advised that the pup had not been tubed due to the respiration rate and heart rate being extreme. James once updated on its condition reckoned that perhaps it had a touch of septicaemia.

Many thanks to Medics Elaine Roft and Bob Pert. Volunteers Sue and Paul Horne, Jackie Watt and John Stewart. The member of the public who came forward with the witnessing of the shooting of seals and to "The Big man" for the coffee supply, use of garden premises for our pup to rest and to Fraserburgh Deputy Co-ordinator Andy Ireland. Also Laurence Brain at New Deer. Thanks also to BDMLR vet James Barnett.

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