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2005-07-27 13:59:17

Porpoise Stranding on Eastbourne Beach

10.30am on Wednesday 27th July East Sussex Wildlife Rescue received a call from contractor on the beach at Eastbourne to say their was a baby whale on the beach next to the bandstand.

I informed BDMLR and local medics Alec Anscombe, Dave Clark, and Andy Tilney were informed and a team was on site within 20 minutes. BDMLR informed other local medics to help and Eastbourne Lifeguards also helped.

On site medics found a young male porpoise 90cm in length with Lingual Papillae. There were no neonatal hairs present.

Eastbourne Lifeguard used their rescue boat to search the area to see if mum was present, while medics tried to keep the porpoise comfortable and de-stressed.

After a couple of hours the porpoise started to twitch and the breath rate started to increase. Checking the tongue colour we notice it was turning a blue colour. Everyone decided we should euthanase the porpoise and prevent further suffering and even after several hours of checks for mum, she could not be found.

I would like to thank Eastbourne Borough Council, Eastbourne Lifeguards, and all the BDMLR medics who attended and help.

Trevor Weeks
BDMLR Sussex

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