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2005-08-02 15:36:20

Pup rescue - Rothesay, Isle of Bute

I knew that medic course 5 years ago wasn't a waste of time. Being a vet on the west coast of Scotland and not possessing a wet suit, I've never been on the on call list but did my first seal rescue today.

7.9kg Female grey pup was captured on steps in the Inner Harbour in Rothesay, Isle of Bute, no mother in sight. Initial examination found her to be severely underweight, dehydrated and stressed (very laboured breathing). Treated immediately with antiobiotics, the pup was soon on it's way to a rehabilitation centre. After a less than comfortable journey in a cat basket on the MV Bute (well the sticker on the door said no dogs, nothing about seals!), the pup was transferred to a larger cage at Wemyss Bay in the care of wildlife sanctuary staff.

6th August: Andy from Hessilhead Wildlife Sanctuary, Beith Ayrshire, reports pup doing well. It was found to have puncture wounds on the flippers - possibly dog bites. She has been rehydrated and, although not feeding herself yet, is happily taking sprats and rehydration salts by hand and tube. Hessilhead also rescued a pup in very similar condition from Ayr beach on 2nd of August. Both are doing well and Andy hopes to release them in a few months time when they reach the 35kg mark. Hessilhead have seen many seal pups injured in this way over the years.

Catriona MacIntyre MRCVS

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