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2005-08-04 15:37:21

Seal pup rescue - Hull, Yorkshire

At 9.30am, medic and ex-coordinator Rocky Clark received a call about a "tiny" seal pup on the slipway at Hepworth Shipyard near Hull (click HERE for map of area). Unable to attend himself he called BDMLR HQ and local medics Barry Edgell and Robin Petch arrived at the shipyard at 12.20pm.

The pup was found to be very small, cold and underweight with an injury to the right side of its mouth. Scarborough SeaLife Centre agreed to take the pup and Barry and Robin set off. An RV with Simon & Bev Drayton was planned as the pup needed to be given fluids during the trip. Unfortunately an RTA slowed the teams' journey and when they did meet with Simon & Bev the pup was still very cold and also unable to be tubed due to the injury to its mouth.

At 2.00pm they reached Scarborough SLC where the pup was found to be emaciated and desperately cold even though it had been wrapped in towels for the journey. It was given oral fluids and put on an intravenous drip but sadly died soon after arriving at the SLC.

Many thanks for the fantastic efforts of Barry and Robin.

Sue White

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