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2005-08-06 15:38:52

Busy few days for North East Coordinator

Wednesday 3rd

After arriving home from Hull at 7pm on Wednesday, we received a call from Kira the local ACO for the RSPCA, reporting a seal at Saltwick Bay, Whitby on the rocks below the cliffs. The seal was reported to be in distress, vomiting and coughing badly, unable to make contact with any medics in the area myself and Bev (Drayton) made our way to Whitby. On arrival we spent approx an hour or so searching rocks and nearly giving up hope. However, on our return back towards the cliff path leading back up to the camp site, we came across a grey from late last year looking in not too bad shape. After listening to its breathing and not happy about some of the sounds it was making we decided, along with Scarborough Sea Life, to take it to them [click to enlarge map] for a better examination. Arriving at Scarborough Sea Life at 11.30 Wednesday evening the seal was checked and found to have a broken jaw and later had to be put to sleep.

Thursday 4th

Our thanks to Barrie and Robin in there swift attempts to firstly beat off the east coast traffic during an RTA on the coast road and arriving in Scarborough in record time in bid to save the pup from Paull near Hull which sadly later died in Scarborough Sea Life centre. See report below.

Friday 5th

After a 999 call was made to the coastguard at Bridlington from a family on the beach at Filey reporting a small seal in distress, I left work at Bridlington and made way to Filey. When I arrived, the seal was a small Common weighing in at less than 8 Kilo, a reasonable temperature but very lethargic and with little response (NW Seas last few days). I was able to hold him down with 2 fingers and stroke his head while he was closing his eyes. Rang Scarborough Sea Life to make sure they could take him in. At 9:30 he arrived at Scarborough and is now in their care having a well deserved rest. Just as I was walking out of the seal hospital, work rang me saying they had another 999 call reporting a seal 5 min from the station, the description sounded like another tired seal but not in too bad shape and ‘barking’ at local dog walkers and reasonably lively. I made my way back to Bridlington were the Coastguard had put a barrier with tape and fish boxes around the seal to keep people away. The seal was fine and only resting and a quick check at 6am today with no seal and clear beach.

Simon Drayton
BDMLR NE Coordinator

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