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2005-08-11 15:45:24

Seal pup rescue - Felixstowe, Suffolk

I was called out by Leon at tea time (good timing!) - a report of a young seal stranded on the beach at Felixstowe. I arrived on site with my wife Gwen (Crowd control etc) about 7.20pm. The seal was about 30m from the sea laying on shingle. I estimated about 4-6 weeks and underweight. Signs of fresh but superficial wounds to the rear flippers. No other apparent injuries. Eyes and nose on the dry side.

In conversation with onlookers the seal had stranded about 3pm and had in between time been stoned by an adult male (sic) who had also let his dog pester it. The RSPCA had been called about 3.30 but had not attended. After consulting by phone with Leon it was decided to pick-up the seal and Leon would transport it, after a rendezvous, to East Winch. Many thanks to Adam (approx 16) who called the coastguard, resulting in me attending, and for showing me where the seal was. Also to Dean and Diane of Ipswich who kindly let me use their phone when mine died.

Update : East Winch have named her Chipmunk and she seems to be doing well and eating her fish soup.

Tony Wooderson

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