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2005-08-12 15:46:20

Common Pup Rescue, St Cyrus, Scotland

Montrose BDMLR Volunteer Jim Wilkins stumbled across a young common pup whilst walking his dog "Jess" today at 10.45hrs.The pup which was on the St Cyrus Nature Reserve was well above the high tide line amongst the maram grass near to a tree. Volunteers Sue and Paul Horne arrived on scene to assist Jim and to report back to area co-ordinator Elaine Roft. Elaine along with Volunteer Willie Taylor arrived on the beach at 11.08 hrs with the transportation tank, aided by SNH Reserve Mnager Andy turner in his 4x4. By this time the pup had made its way from the high tide line to mid tide line smack bang in the middle of fishing nets. The tide was still a good way out at this time. General health check on the [click image to enlarge] young common pup had it at an estimated 2.5ft in length. It was determined as being a male with no umbilicus present. The right eye had either a cataract or a corneal ulcer which was severely infected and weeping a thick greenish discharge. Respiration was 14bpm which was probably stress induced due to the number of people that had previously surrounded the pup. There were no discharges from the ears but the neck was distinct and the pelvis clearly visible. Estimated weight of the pup named "Jerry" was in the region of 14 - 16kg. The pup was uplifted from the beach, 70mls of zoolyte was administered, the eyes were bathed to remove the discharge, and temperature reading was normal at 37degrees. The transportation tank was lined with a dampened towel and volunteers Paul Horne and Willie Taylor made their way from Ferryden to Bridge of Earn (Perthshire) on the first leg of the relay to SSPCA rehabilitation facilities at Middlebank Inverkeithing after confirmation that a seal pen was available. SSPCA Senior Inspector Steven Gray resumed the second leg of the journey with the common pup expected to arrive at Middlebank at approximately 17.00hrs.

Many thanks to BDMLR Volunteers Sue & Paul Horne, Jim Wilkins, Willie Taylor. BDMLR Medic and area co-ordinator Elaine Roft. SNH Reserve Manager Andy Turner. The "Big Man" for the use of his garden. SSPCA Senior Inspector Steven Gray and SSPCA Middlebank.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)

15th August - Update

"Jerry" - our rescued Common seal pup from St Cyrus ID Number 1829 sadly died during the evening of August 12th after its arrival to SSPCA Middlebank. Sandra Bonar confirmed to Elaine Roft that the pup went downhill rapidly before going into collapse. It is probable that there was severe underlying infection. Staff at Middlebank monitored "Jerry" at regular intervals upon his arrival and he collapsed late into the night. Many thanks to SSPCA Middlebank for accommodating the pup despite being full and for the attention given to it during its short spell in rehabilitation.

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