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2005-08-12 15:48:14

NE busy day for seal pup rescues

Thursday (11th) - Scarborough Sealife made arrangements for a release of 3 Seals, now Very ready for release back home, initially we intended to do the release further north towards the Farne Islands but with unpredictable weather and sea a decision was made to take them to Donna Nook for release Thursday instead of Saturday.

Due to restriction on the firing range we had limited space and had to make a swift ride onto the beach whilst the RAF pilots were having a coffee break. Needless to say the release went without mishap and Ouse, 1 of the 3, was so friendly he needed to go as far from public view as possible, Donna Nook is a perfect location for him.

I was just finishing work Friday in Hull when Igot a call from the local RSPCA asking if we could assist them with 4 seals reported by members of public all in different locations.

The first was on the beach above the rocks at Saltburn with an injury to its flippers. The second seal was in Filey Bay entangled in netting with its mum around somewhere in Filey Bay. The 3rd and 4th was reported near to Primrose Valley Holiday Cottages at Filey, between Reighton and Filey some 5 mile stretch of beach.

First port of call was HELP! Sue White from the office thanks for your valued help, as always.

Second call was to Lindsey at Scarborough Sealife Centre asking what space they had ( None came the reply)! but willing to help out wherever needed. Just when things seem to be taking place.

Why do they always catch you on the road without your contact details. Just got a new phone, typical, and the furthest seal was 80 miles away.

Fortunately Bev (wife) and Ryan (Son) had met me at work not long before and was now in the car behind, Bev headed towards Reighton being the closest to us, Sue in the meantime was ringing Medics in our area to see who could help at Saltburn and Filey We had made arrangements for the seal trapped in Filey Bay firstly to be found and a location given.

On arrival at Reighton, Bev met up with Medics Gary and Karen then made a hasty search of the beach and after nearly giving up came across a couple who had been with the seal for sometime worried because it was not in the water, and had seen other members of the public dragging it back into the water and watched it come back out a few times. The seal was OK and just in need of rest. The 4th seal reported in this area turned out to be the same seal as Bev found.

Sue had made contact with Medics Emma and her (volunteer) Dad or grandfather I think, and Sam who lived approximately 20 miles away. Sam arrived on scene and made the grueling journey down the cliff path and found nothing untoward's, having no phone signal she then came back to the top to report her sightings to Sue and myself finding Emma arrived and willing to go and look a bit further with 2 people made sense. After looking around they found a few seals swimming but no sign of any injured seals and decided to make contact back at the top. Thanks a million for your help, Saltburn is probably one of the hardest area's to search and even more so to get a seal back up to the top.

Filey Bay which is where I headed for, Richard Lindley an ex medic, was in the area and willing to have a look around whilst I was travelling. He jumped on a fisherman's boat was was willing to take Richard around all the nets within the area and had seen the seal earlier trapped in nets not long before a long search was done but nothing was found. A local having a license to shoot seals within the area of all 3 seals reported is very fragile to us locally and have some hard decisions to make even when a healthy seal is found.

A BIG thanks to all those who helped out on Friday.

Simon Drayton
BDMLR North East Coordinator

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