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2005-08-19 15:56:50

Essex Coordinator, Faye Archell, reports from her work at Mote Marine, Florida

As you may know I'm currently working at Mote Marine in Florida again this Summer. Here are a couple of news articles on the cases we have been dealing with. Red Tide is a huge problem this year and there have been record numbers of sea turtle deaths aswell as numerous dolphins and manatees being washed up dead. The Loggerhead turtles seem to be particularly affected with none of the patients admitted here surviving. It really is heartbreaking work but everyone is determined to find a treatment for Red Tide.

We are also treating two Risso's dolphins named Bonnie and Clyde! They were a mass stranding of five. Sadly three died at the stranding but these two seem to be doing well now.

Faye Archell
Essex BDMLR Coordinator

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