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2005-09-29 10:49:41

Hastings Seal Rescue

BDMLR received a call about a Harbour seal on Hastings Seafront at 8.45pm last night after a member of the public came across the youngster lying on Hastings Seafront very close to the Town Centre.

I was accompanied by Medics Murrae Hume (from Eastbourne) and Robert Bliss (from Bexhill) on the beach where we found a Harbour Seal approximately 3 feet long.

The seal was active and alert, but you could tell from the visible neck line and wrinkled skin that it was underweight and probably dehydrated.

Forming a barrier between the seal and the water medics slowly approached the seal and Murrae was able to catch it. Once caught Trevor examined the seal for injuries and signs of illness but likely the seal pup was not too bad.

There were a few minor cuts to the flippers but nothing serious luckily. Being only 10 minutes away from the RSPCA Mallydams Wood centre at Fairlight we decided not to tube the seal.

The seal was then placed in the back East Sussex Wildlife Rescue's waiting veterinary ambulance and driven to the to Fairlight for further assessment and care, where the seal was found to have a slightly raised temperature.

This is the third seal which BDMLR medics have dealt with on the Kent and Sussex coastline in the past two weeks. Medic Brett Lewis from Herne Bay has dealt with two pups on the north Kent coast also.

Well done to Brett Lewis, Murrae Hume and Robert Bliss for their hard work.

Trevor Weeks
Assistant Co-ordinator Sussex
Advance Marine Mammal Medic

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