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2005-10-15 11:05:53

Seal pup - Downderry Beach, Cornwall

Yesterday (15.10.05) I attended a seal at Downderry beach. When I arrived at 1010 hours. I found a large group of people many with dogs standing within about 5' of the pup.

The pup was about two weeks old lethargic and making no effort to move away and was holding its left fore flipper up and making no effort to use it even when rolled over. I was concerned there might be a fracture. There were also a superficial injury on its back which although I couldn't see the extent of was attracting a lot of flies so gave me cause for concern. The other major problem with this pup was its location in the middle of Downderry beach on a beautiful sunny day with hundreds of dog walkers expected during the day. Therefore in consultation with the seal sanctuary a decision was taken to transport it to Gweek. I arrived there at about 1230 hours the journey was really slow due to loads of traffic and the pup was quite hot when I arrived even though I'd had both windows open and the fans on all the way. It was then immediately hosed down by the hospital care team.

I understand that the flipper and the shoulder (left fore) are very badly bruised but thought not to be broken and that the pup has a high temperature and is quite snotty today but should be fine?

[Editor : Here's a quote from Rob] "Having been a Marine Mammal Medic for a year now, I have not been lucky enough to receive a call yet. It was great to get the opportunity to help this pup and I'm looking forward to being further involved."!!!

Rob Skinner
RSPCA Inspector & BDMLR Medic

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