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2005-10-30 11:48:37

Fraserburgh seal sups monitored by local medics

Initial reports starting coming in on the Friday afternoon (28th Oct ) that a seal pup had been sighted near an area on Fraserburgh Beach known as "The Waters of Philorth" I sent a text message to the group and proceeded to the area. On scene we found a weaned common seal resting in a hollow close to a sandbank, with no visible signs of trauma and of suitable body condition we decided to mark this incident down as an "observation only ", subsequently monitoring over the next tide saw our pup quite happily swimming away.

On Saturday (29th Oct) morning we received a call again to Fraserburgh Beach , a Mr Poole had reported a seal pup on some rocks near the caravan site, however whilst on route a second call was received via a Mrs Wallace again reporting a seal pup at Fraserburgh Beach only this time in front of the beach esplanade believing this could be the same "callout" due to the close proximity of the area's imagine our surprise to find that there was in fact two pups, again both commons (weaned), showing slight signs of weight loss, however no other trauma present, with details taken for our report sheet we observed the pups for about 2-3 hours before they both left on the incoming tide.

Sadly on Sunday (30th Oct) morning Group Medic Linda Robertson reported a dead seal on Fraserburgh Beach near "Kessock Burn", fearing that we may have overlooked something during our previous callouts to the beach it was with a degree of relief to find a very small, thin, underweight common (male) pup, details recorded and body tagged, information was then passed to local environmental health office for uplift and disposal.

Kenneth McLennan
Aberdeenshire Coordinator

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