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2005-11-04 11:50:44

Grey seal pup rescued from St Ives Bay beach

At around 11:30am, a call came through to Coordinator Dave Jarvis from the National Seal Sanctuary about a pup that was alone in the middle of the public beach at Hayle. Dave and Medic Lesley Jarvis loaded the seal cage into the car and contacted Coordinator Tim Bain and Medic Karl Wheston to join them at the site.

On arrival it was obvious that the unweaned whitecoat pup was a lot bigger than what was normally dealt with, but had become separated from its mother, more than likely from the colony further up the coast. It was assessed to be in good nutritional condition with no injuries, although it did sneeze occasionally. After discussing the situation with Dr. Glenn Boyle, Curator of Pinnipeds at the National Seal Sanctuary, the decision was made to take the animal into the Sanctuary. Unfortunately, as it was unweaned it would be impossible to relocate the animal back into the colony – a very difficult and dangerous task with such a large pup – without getting strange scents on it that may cause the mother, if she were still in the area, to abandon it anyway. Tim and Karl managed to herd the pup into the cage, whereupon it was taken away.

At the Sanctuary, the pup was put in an Isolation pen after being weighed at a hefty 35kg. Glenn and Animal Care Assistant Claire Baker carried out a clinical examination, which found the pup to have a possible case of pneumonia. Now named ‘Blonde’, he was tube fed fluids and given some antibiotics to combat the infection.

Medic Dan Jarvis
BDMLR West Cornwall
(Newquay – Land’s End – St Austell)

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