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2005-11-13 12:09:53

First Grey pup monitoring for Montrose team

Volunteer Sue Horne and Medic Paul Horne called area co-ordinator Elaine Roft at approximately 13.30 hrs to say that they had come across a seal pup located at ***. Initially there were some concerns as it appeared to have lesions on its body and there was blood coming from the flipper, although otherwise it was active, alert and very bright with the coat still a little damp on the underside from having been in the water. At the point of calling the co-ordinator, Sue and Paul were unable to determine the species. Elaine contacted Deputy co-ordinator Bob Pert who made his way to the location to confirm species, status of weaning and to carry out an observation and health check. Meanwhile Elaine had provisionally booked a pen at SSPCA Middlebank should rehabilitation be required.

On arrival Bob found a very feisty fully weaned Grey pup, probably a male which looked like it had been through the wars. A lesion was observed on it's right tail flipper and several other lesions on the body with blood issuing from grazes in the nose (which seemed to be caused by injury rather than lungworm). All the injuries were probably caused by the violent weather during the last few days, in particular, on friday when winds reached 90mph.. It was thought that the injuries didn't appear that bad and it was best to leave the pup named "Rolo" in its location to see if he willingly goes back to sea with the next tide. Bob left leaving Medics Willie Taylor, Peter Taylor and Jacque Watt to monitor and protect the pup at it's location until the next high tide which was is due just after midnight.

The pup's condition will be reassessed if it fails to move after 2 full tidal cycles.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)

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