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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
British Divers Marine Rescue


2005-11-15 14:41:16

Medics observe seal in river at Southease, Sussex

British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) have been at Southease Bridge just South of Lewes monitoring a harbour seal which has swam almost 3 miles in land.

Myself and medics Alec Anscombe, Kevin Harlow, Stephen Marsh and James Booth attended on site after receiving a call out from a dog walker.

The seal is an adult harbour seal. The initial report was the seal was injuried or ill, but this proved not to be the case. Photos were taken using a camera phone and e-mailed from the site back to BDMLR's vet James Barnet in Devon for confirmation that the seal was in fact ok.

Medics monitored the seal for over 3 hours and on several occasions the seal swam off into the river and then back to the slipway.

Medics stayed on site to check the seals behaviour and to ensure it was not disturbed turning high tide.

Trevor Weeks
BDMLR (Sussex)

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