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2005-11-24 14:54:41

Seal pup rescued - Torquay, Devon

At about 10am on Thursday I received a call from Living Coasts in Torquay saying they'd had a call from a member of the public reporting a distressed seal was hauled out at Meadfoot Beach in Torquay. Meadfoot is a very public beach and a favourite with dogwalkers. I called Allan Hirst who lives not far from there and he very willingly agreed to go have a look for me. While Allan was walking down I called Tony Woodley and appraised him of the situation and he said he'd contact the RSPCA's Animal Collection Officer (ACO) in the area to alert them to a possible pick up if needed.

Allan called back about 10 minutes later to tell me a very young, fully moulted pup was indeed on the beach and looked to be very thin and lethargic, it was also being looked over by a couple of policemen! With the tide coming in and not much beach left it was decided that time was of the essence so as I packed my gear to meet up with Allan, I phoned Tony who put an urgent pick-up notice to the ACO's. About half an hour later I got to Meadfoot and met up with Allan and Mike Watts (RSPCA) and it was decided that pup was much too thin, lethargic and with possible breathing problems to leave him.

Pup is now residing at the RSPCA's facility in West Hatch in Taunton where he is reported as being alert and well but decidedly underweight (15.8kg) and with a question mark over his respiratory system, a classic case of a struggling weaned pup. Blood tests tomorrow will determine any other problems but so far so good.

Our thanks go to the members of the public who originally found the pup, Living Coasts, Allan Hirst, the RSPCA and Tony Woodley for pulling it all together.

Sue Davie
Devon Co-coordinator