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2005-12-04 15:42:44

Pup rescued from Kinnaber beach Scotland

12.45 hrs Local dog walker Janie Murray reports to Medic Jacque Watt a tiny seal pup at Kinnaber beach with eye injuries. One eye is weeping [Medic Paul Horne with the pup] and the other appears to be missing. Jacque informs Area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft.

13.30 hrs Medic Paul Horne and Volunteer Sue Horne have located the pup after an enduring trek and report that it is a semi weaned, Male Grey Seal Pup approximately 2 ft in length, is of reasonable body weight, slightly dehydrated and a bit thin on the hips and confirm that the right eye is weeping, the left eye tightly closed and that the pup has little fight left in it. The gums were deep red to crimson and not a healthy pink colour. With an incoming tide to deal with, time is not wasted and Sue and Paul carry the very lethargic pup in their arms and walk the 2.5 miles over the dunes and through the woods to the main road where their car is parked. Meantime Medic Willie Taylor and Volunteers Frances and Iain Walker have started to walk from the North end of the beach to meet up on the pathway to assist Sue and Paul. Area Co-ordinator Elaine Roft is engaged in telephone communications meantime with Local Vet Robson and Partners who will check the pup over and administer medication required if it survives. A seal pen is also provisionally booked at SSPCA Middlebank and BDMLR Consulting Vet Cameron McPherson is notified (Currently unavailable to assist as he is in Elgin). Deputy Co-ordinator Bob Pert and Medic Iain Wallace are placed on standby for possible relay to rehab facilities.

14.30 hrs Sue and Paul reach the car where the pup is left to rest after its uplift from the beach in Pauls arms. It is booked in at The Laurencekirk Veterinary Hospital where it will arrive at 15.30 hrs for assessment, possible euthanasia.

15.30 hrs Medics Paul and Willie arrive at the Veterinary Hospital and after clinical assessment by the vet its decided that Euthanasia is in the pups best interests. The vet confirmed to Elaine the pup named "Jamie" was of reasonable body weight, showed no signs of respiratory distress and assessed normal character in breathing. It had bruising and bumps to almost its entire body and due to its severe eye injury and the fact that it did not require restraining whilst in the surgery euthanasia was the best option as hypoglycaemia and septicaemia may have set in.

Many thanks to Janie for reporting the pup to us, to all Medics and Volunteers who responded and assissted, in particular Paul and Sue for their efforts and sheer determination to help the pup. BDMLR Consulting Vet Cameron McPherson, SSPCA Middlebank (Alexis) and Robson & Partners at Laurencekirk Veterinary Hospital.

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)