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2005-12-18 16:00:10

Recent seal pup strandings - Scotland

13th December: Call out by local resident of Gardenstown to a pup on Gardenstown beach. No record of it being seen the previous day. On examination, the pup was a moulted grey seal pup in poor body condition, and the decision was made immediately to uplift the pup for transport to a rehab centre. Laurence Brain of New Deer Grampian Wildlife Trust advised that he had some space, and the pup was duly transported there. As of the 18th of December, the pup is doing very well in rehab.

18th December: Call was taken by Andrew Ireland, Fraserburgh BDMLR, from a member of the public reporting that a seal pup had been found on Sandend beach, west of Banff. On further questioning, the member of the public said the pup had possibly been there since the previous night. Andrew called Cameron McPherson, who attended the pup that morning. The pup was about 25-30 kg and slightly thin for it’s age. The seal responded when approached, but seemed weakened ánd reluctant to roll onto it’s ventral surface. It was also noticed to have pale mucous membranes, a slightly obstructive breathing pattern and a large amount of saliva/mucous around its mouth. Further examination revealed a large, firm mass on the right hand side of the pups neck, which was possibly interfering with it’s breathing and also preventing it from feeding adequately. The seal was transferred to New Deer, where it was decided between Laurence and Cameron that given the seals condition, unfortuantely euthanasia was the best course.

Cameron McPherson (Veterinary Surgeon)