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2005-12-28 16:11:05

Adult Grey Bull Seal Put To Sleep - Scotland

Montrose / Tayforth Medic Allan Muir received a Call from Carnoustie Leisure Centre at 13.30hrs alerting him of a seal at Westhaven Beach. Allan arrived on scene at 14.00hrs to find an adult Bull Grey in a bad way. The animal was lying in a comatose state.. hardly aware of his presence. There were no signs of trauma and although a little malnourished, was in reasonable body condition. However there was yellowish discharge from the nose which later seemed to have turned to a salmon pink (signs of blood). The one thing that stood out was its lack of awareness... Allan then called Montrose Co-ordinator Elaine Roft. Elaine called Montrose Deputy and Medic Bob Pert to see if he could assist Allan but due to work commitments was unable to attend until after 17.00hrs. Elaine then contacted BDMLR Tayforth Medic (Also Shanwell Wildlife Rescue) Gareth Norman to see if he was free to help Allan out. Elaine confirmed with Allan that Gareth was on his way to assist him and that if euthanasia was required, Gareth would most likely pull in one of his own vets or Cameron Mcpherson acting BDMLR vet should be called. Elaine asked Gareth to keep her updated.

At 15.15hrs Gareth reported back to Elaine that the respiration of the seal was 9bpm, but was subject to 'breath holding' and on one occasion seemed to have taken its last breath (dive reflex?). It could not support its head and seemed to have no control over its body. The only time the seal showed any signs of alertness was when a dog walker passed by.

In Gareths opinion, the seal, now named "Algar" was in a pretty bad way and he thought that expiry of its life was the best option.

The seal was confirmed " as being expired" at 16.50hrs thus preventing further suffering.

Elaine notified Bob Reid of the Scottish Agricultural College in Inverness, and spoke with acting BDMLR Vet Cameron McPherson later in the evening.

Thanks to Carnoustie Leisure Centre, Montrose / Tayforth Medic Allan Muir, Montrose Area Co-ordinator and Medic Elaine Roft, Tayforth Medic (also Shanwell Wildlife Rescue) Gareth Norman, BDMLR acting Vet Cameron McPherson for advice (Post "expiry" of seal).

Elaine Roft
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Montrose Area Co-ordinator (Inverbervie-Easthaven)