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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2008-11-05 14:22:34

5 Rescues in one day

Margate - Harbour Porpoise 1.4 metres long stranded on rocks at about 11am this morning. Medics were on site quickly. With the assistance of the Kent Fire and Rescue Service's Animal Rescue Team the porpoise was transported to Pegwell Bay for refloatation after vet Iain Cope confirmed the porpoises external condition as good. After an extensive period trying to rebalance the porpoise a refloat was attempted but the animal can back towards the beach. The Porpoise was held in the water gain but conditioned to list to one side and show signs of muscle tremours. Ian Cope took the decision to euthanase the porpoise. Blood were taken whist at Margate which are now going to be sent for analysis. We are looking at getting the porpoise up to ZSL for PME.

Tynemouth - White Beaked Dolphin stranded on rocks at about 2pm. The animal was about 2.7 metres long and male with slightly concave lumber muscle and unable to maintain its balance in the water, at times the animal was upside down. Local BDMLR trained vet Jane Amach took the decision to euthanase fairly quickly. ZSL have expressed interest in undertaking a PME.

Ullapool - Atlantic White Sided Dolphin in water at Ullapool Harbour. Fire Brigade and coastguard on site. Bea Brinkler attended on site to help. SSPCA attended and assessed the animal before medics Linda and Natalie from Inverness arrived on site. The SSPCA decided to euthanase the dolphin as it was very small and maternally dependant. The SSPCA are transporting the body to Bob Reid for PME.

Amlwch - Seal Pup on beach at Bull Bay. RSPCA call-out. Medic stood down after error by RSPCA who had already attended earlier in the day.

Hunmanby - Seal Pup on beach. Medics have attended twice to check this seal but dogs keep chasing back into the sea before medics are able to assess its condition.

Sue White and I would like to express our thanks and appreciation to all of the medics who responded so quickly to our texts and calls, plus to Kent Fire and Rescue Service as well as Highlands & Islands Fire Brigade as well as the coastguard at Kent, Tynemouth and Ullapool. Your support and help made a very manic day managable. Its been a very sad day unfortunately.

Trevor Weeks
National Co-ordinator
British Divers Marine Life Rescue

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