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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2008-11-05 16:08:01

White beaked dolphin stranding at Tynemouth

Stranded white beaked dolphin (Photo: John Millard)A White beaked dolphin stranded at Tynemouth has been euthanased due to being in poor body condition and unable to maintain its balance.

Local vet Jane Amach decided to euthanase the dolphin out of kindness to stop it suffering any further. The dolphin had spent some time struggling on rocks.

The Zoological Society of London have expressed an interested in collecting the animal so that a PM examination can be carried out to find out why this animal was behaving in this manner and in such a condition.

Trevor Weeks
National Co-ordinator
British Divers Marine Life Rescue

(Photo by John Millard)