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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2008-11-10 11:56:06

Trapped Dolphin rescued from Fraserburgh Harbour

Dolphin swimming near a boat in Fraserburgh HarbourBDMLR's Buchan medic team led by Regional Co-ordinator Andrew Ireland have attended a dolphin trapped in Fraserburgh Harbour this morning.

The dolphin was swimming around the ship lift when Andy arrived and it was initially hoped the dolphin could be caught and assessed as it appeared to be a juvenile dolphin. However, the dolphin managed to swim out into the neighbouring basin.

Using the harbour's Pilot Boat the dolphin was approached and luckily the dolphin started to bow ride and medics on the boat accompanied the dolphin as it swan from one section of the harbour to another and eventually out into the bay and deeper water.

The Pilot boat remained out in the bay for a while to allow the dolphin to swim off but unfortunately the dolphin still followed the boat back to the harbour.  The dolphin then swan out of the harbour following a larger ship and was last seen heading south away from the harbour.

Trevor Weeks
National Coordinator