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2008-11-06 13:52:26

Seal Rescue at Reighton Sands, Yorkshire

Seal at Reighton SandsOn Thursday 6th November we received a call from the RSPCA to ask if we would check a seal that had been reported to them at Reighton Sands.  Damon Taylor and Bruce Pawson attended, after observing for a time they found that it was a young Common, underweight and had very bad breathing problems, they were also concerned as this younster had blood at the side of it's mouth, but no obvious injury

Bruce & Damon were helped by Tracy Guild to get to the seal to Swanbridge Vets in Hull.  Time was running short as we needed to get the seal down to the RSPCA Wildlife Centre at East Winch.  The vets gave the seal fluids and it was found to have a high temperature of 38.4.  A relay was set up with David Murray and Russell New two volunteer medics with experience of transporting seals to RSPCA East Winch. 

I received an update on the seal named "Mr Forgetful" and I am pleased to report that he is being treated for lung worm and dehyration and is responding well.

Our thanks go to Medics; Damon taylor, Bruce Pawson, Tracy Guild, David Murray, Russell New, Swanbridge Vets and Mary Draper who orginally reported the seal 

Sue White