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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2008-11-12 16:44:36

Grey seal pup rescue on Chesil Cove

Seal pupA stranded grey pup was brought to the attention of Sue White on the BDMLRs hotline after a member of the public informed the Portland Coastguard of its whereabouts at around 5:15pm on Wed 12th Nov. Sue contacted myself shortly after and directed me and my colleague, Robert Hatfield, to Chesil Cove situated on the far southern stretch of Chesil Beach, Portland. The female grey pup was lying near the high tide mark and seemed exhausted and dehydrated, yet had enough fight to make it difficult enough to pick her up. She is between 6-8 weeks old, weighed only a quarter of what she should have weighed (11.6kg) and had a slightly raised temperature of 38.3°C. I was instructed to move her and transport her to Shawn Clements at the RSPCAs West Hatch centre near Taunton. We encountered a few minor injuries likely to be sustained through seagull pecks but apart from that seemed unhurt. She is currently responding well to the excellent treatment that Sean is issuing and is a content patient happy to have her belly filled! Thanks to all those involved in the rescue, a promising, happy tale...

Adrianna Hawczak
BDMLR Dorset Medic