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2008-11-14 16:55:26

Seal pup for Montrose team

Seal pupReceived a phone call from Medic Rebecca Chambers (we were actually on our way to see her in Johnshaven) to say that a lady called Carol had contacted her about a seal pup lying on the grass at *** (Location witheld).

It had been there since 8am this morning. As Rebecca had no car today we said we would go and check on the pup and contact Elaine our area Co-ordinator. We arrived to find a small fully weaned grey seal pup lying in grass under a wooden barrier quite a distance from the sea. The problem was the location of the pup which was on a path used frequently by dog walkers.

I checked the pup over and found it to be a male about 2 and half feet long looking quite healthy. He had good body weight, perhaps a little borderline on the hips,no discharge from nose or mouth, breathing was normal and wasn't laboured. Gums were a healthy pink colour (seen as he was yawning quite a lot). He wasn't coughing or sneezing, in fact he just looked tired and quite content in the grass. Phoned Elaine and reported our findings but stressed that we felt he couldn't be left in this location, the tide was well out and he had no escape route if dogs should try and attack him. Elaine said she would contact head office and verify a course of action and also have Head Office notify SSPCA Grampian that we were currently monitoring the pup with a view to possible uplift tomorrow if it was still in the same relocation area.

At this time a gentleman called Duggie joined us and stayed with me observing the pup whilst Paul went to Rebeccas to pick up our transportation tank. Elaine phoned me back and confirmed relocating the pup to some where safer where it could rest having chatted with Sue at Head Office. It was at this time that I noticed a thin blue line under his left eye, it was as if someone had drawn a line with an eyeliner pencil. The pup was responsive and hissed and spat at us inbetween fanning out its rear flippers.

Paul returned and we herded the pup into the tank and with the help of Duggie carried the pup to the opposite end of the bay, which was a much safer area for him, and let him go. He went straight into the water and swam off.

Duggie said he would walk there this afternoon and would contact me if the pup was to come out again.

The pup is named Ruff (after my new dog Scruff who was on his first seal rescue).

Many many thanks to Carol who reported the pup and to Duggie who helped us with the relocation, also to Claire Crossley who had called Elaine about him whilst we were on scene and to Sue White at Head Office. Duggie and Claire have kindly offered to check the area again tomorrow. Also thanks to Medics Stewart Burns and Thom McNeil who were available to assist with transport had it been required.

Sue Horne