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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2008-11-20 13:20:51

Grey Seal Pup, Thurso beach

Seal pupReceived a call this evening from Richard Bradley with reports of a grey seal pup on Thurso beach. Arrived at the beach approx 10mins later and met up with Karen and started to scour the west end of the beach.

After about a half hour on the west end under Victoria walk we decided to turn back and check the beach. Met up with Mandy on the beach and after a confirmation call of the location with Richard we made our way back towards the West stairs and checked above the high tide mark.

Five minutes later the torch caught sight of him, we approached and checked him out. He was approx 3.5ft long, a full cover of fur, no signs of any injury and was fairly alert, giving the occasional snap as we approached.

After confirming our find and details of the seal with Jamie it was decided to remove him to the Seal Hospital at Scarfskerry. Karen and myself went to collect a seal carrier from Jim whilst Mandy stayed with the pup.

On our return I think I pulled the short straw on "jump the pup" but decided that there was no time like the present. We got the carrier into place, towel at the ready and decided that it was now or never, 3... 2... 1.

Towel down over the head legs tight around him. Now that I have him, have still got the get him in the box, wriggled him over and got the head in, thankfully the rest of the body followed with a little persuasion. Lifted the box up from the beach and into the back of Jim's truck for transportation to Jamie at the seal hospital.

Thanks go to Richard Bradley, Karen Munro, Mandy McIntyre, Jim Thomson, and Jamie Dyer.

Gavin Ferrier
Caithness Medic