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British Divers Marine Life Rescue (photo: Steve Marsh)
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2008-11-19 16:34:27

Grey Seal pup, Putsborough beach, Croyde

Grey seal pupI received a call from Tony Frow, RSPCA Exeter at about 5pm on Wednesday. A member of the public had reported a seal pup with visible bite wounds hauled out at Putsborough just below Baggy Point. I spoke to Tony Holwill who had reported the seal and who was able to email me some photos he had taken. From these photos it was clear that the pup was malnourished with a visible pelvis, neck and folds of skin.Medic Claire Rollit with the assistance of her mum was able to catch the pup after being shown it's position by Mr Holwill, in the meantime Sue at head office called West Hatch to let them know of his imminent arrival. Claire then met me at Tiverton to hand the little chap over for the last leg of its journey to RSPCA West Hatch.On arrival I was met by animal care team staff Emily and Carole (also a MMM) who weighed the pup (16.9Kg) and took his temperature (39.6). He was then put in a pen and given antibiotics, his wounds were cleaned, he was tubed and also hosed down (to reduce temp). I am told that Carole had to come back at midnight to tube him again, now there's dedication for you.

Thanks to all concerned and apologies if I forgot you or got your name wrong.

Lets hope the little Fellow makes a full recovery.

David McDonald
Marine Mammal Medic
Devon Assistant Co-ordinator